Supporting Heroes in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania
Wounded Veterans, Soldiers, and Their Families

Welcome to Serving Heroes in NJ, NY, and PA

Hugs4Heroes supports wounded veterans and soldiers and their families.

Hugs4Heroes work with military and civilian organizations in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, providing donated event tickets to various sporting and entertainment venues in the area.

Hugs4Heroes is an offshoot of the successful Soldiers and Skins project in the Washington DC area. That project originally focused on collecting donated Washington Redskins Tickets – thus the name, Soldiers & Skins – for wounded veterans and soldiers injured in Iraq and Afghanistan who were in treatment and recovery at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC.

Over time, the project expanded to support wounded soldiers and veterans from other military installations in Virginia and Maryland, and to include donated event tickets of any type, year-around, as well as special annual events.

To all our potential Supporters, Donors, and Sponsors, thank you! This project would not be successful without your compassion and generosity.


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